About Me

I'm a personal trainer/fitness motivator and semi pro footballer. My love for fitness and achieving my goals began when I joined the Academy of a League 1 football club at the age of 13.


The level of fitness required at that age, at that level, opened my eyes to a whole new world. Becoming an Apprentice at this club at age 15, training for hours every day along with gym work was another level. I became hooked. I obtained my Level 1 Gym Instructor Certificate at age 17 and my Level 3 Personal Trainers Certificate at age 18.


Along with this, I gained Gym based boxing, spinning & circuit training qualifications, which are all in good use with my clients and fitness classes.

Personalized Approach

Each one of my clients has the whole of my attention and support throughout their sessions and online support if necessary. I will get to know you and what it is you want to achieve, plan sessions purely for you and get the results you are after.

Excellence and Professionalism 

I have been a Personal Trainer in a gym for over a year now and take classes as well as individual sessions. I take gym based boxing classes, as well as weight loss & muscle building classes. In regards to individual clients, we work together and I give them specific exercises to reach their goal in the quickest/healthiest way possible.


I am sure that my clients would all agree that I am both professional and that I help them get results. I also have individual clients outside of the gym who I teach at a time and place to suit them. Again, happy clients and results.

Results Guaranteed

Whatever it is that you want to achieve, be it lose weight, bulk up, sports stamina, or simply be more fit and toned, I can guarantee that if you follow my session plans you will achieve your goals. Just take a look at some of the Transition Photos.