My Services

Personal Training:

All personal training activities can be taken at a place, day and time to suit you – home, gym, park or my own venue in Ware; however many times a week you wish to train, we can make it personal to you.

Each Adult Session will be for 1 hour.  They will be tailored to suit your level of fitness and the results you wish to achieve, which will be discussed in your Introduction Session.  Book as many or as few sessions as you wish depending on how many times a week you wish to train and the overall results you wish to achieve.

Session Prices:

1 Session = £26.00 

4 Sessions = £99.00  (£5 off)

6 Sessions = £146.00  ( £10 off ) 

8 Sessions = £193.00  (£15 off) 

10 Sessions = £240.00  (£20 off)

12 Sessions = £287.00  (£25 off)

Online Exercise Programmes

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Classes also available!

Monday - BoxFit - £8.50
Wednesday- Bootcamp- £5
Thursday- Gym Class - £8.50

All classes are held at Chauncy School in Ware from 7pm - 8pm.